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✓ 註冊營養師線上健康評估
✓ 針對體質代謝|訂製個人化餐單
✓ 配合需要|按居住及工作地提供餐廳建議

✓ 專屬營養師每天Whtsapp跟進

✓ 每週按減重速度、荷爾蒙週期,更新餐單同調整計劃鬆緊

✓ 每月面診與inbody級身體成份數據分析

Aranth 3+1個月後續計劃


Terms and condition

  • The Client agrees that this agreement shall continue for the "term" from the date.
  • The Company reserves the right to terminate the agreement if the client does not contact / respond by WhatsApp, phone or email within five (5) days or client fails to take the initiative to send meal records/ images within five (5) days.
  • The Client agrees to follow full dietary guidelines and recommendations, ensure dietitian to have access to all meal photos for diet analysis and diet history purposes, in order to achieve best possible result. Final result is not guaranteed.
  • The Company only serves to give add-ons nutrition advice on executing a high energy high protein keto diet as per client provide, the risk is borne by the client.
  • There are no refunds available on services provided by the Company once payment is made by the Client. There is also no credit transferred unless the Company agrees.
  • This discount pricing is not guaranteed after this contract has terminated.
  • Client should not disclose any materials provided to third parties, nor use as any business use. ​​​​​​​

安曼專科營養師 屢獲訪問

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